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The Giving Tree

Ms. Serin reads The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein

Chapel: David the Shepherd

Ms. Liza shares the bible story of David the Shepherd and talks about Earth Day

The Easter Story: Resurrection Eggs

Ms. Serin shares the story of Easter with resurrection eggs.

Ready, Set, Find Easter

Ms. Serin reads a special story for Good Friday

Songs and Prayers for St. Martin’s Episcopal School Chapel

God is Listening (Group Music): Wild About Us (Group Music): This Little Light of Mine (Group Music):    School Prayer: Dear God, Bless us in our school today. Help us grow in love and kindness. More like Jesus everyday. Amen.   Chapel Prayer: God sees me, God knows me, God loves me and I love God. […]

Chapel Zoom: April 1, 2020

Join Ms. Serin, Ms. Liza, Faith and Max for our very first virtual Chapel!