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Extended Care program

St. Martin’s Episcopal School offers an extended care program to currently-enrolled students on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2 – 4 pm.

Here’s an overview: $128/month if paying month to month; $120/month if paying in advance for the entire year.

Let’s jump right in to the details:

We’re enrolling on both a monthly and year-long basis. Our monthly enrollment has a deadline of the 9th of the month to participate in the next month’s program. This allows us to staff the extended care program appropriately.


Our Tuesday & Thursday extended care program hours are 2-4 pm. There is no change in the fee and no refund if you choose to pick up your child earlier than 4 pm.

Fees and discounts:

You may pay monthly or for a year. The fee of $128/month will be added to your tuition at the beginning of the month. Payment is due on the first of the month, like all tuition payments. If paying for the entire year, the fee of $120/month is due upon enrollment. Just like with our tuition, our extended care program also breaks a yearly cost down into monthly payments, so in some months the payment covers fewer attendance days.


If a parent gives a two week notice to end their need for extended care, a timely refund would be processed. Either a credit would be issued to a credit card or a credit would be given toward the next month’s tuition. If the school must end the program, the school will give a thirty-day notice and the same refund policy applies.

Extended Care drop-in:

We offer extended care drop-in for currently-enrolled students when we have space available for your child. Phone the office to see if space is available. We finalize Extended Care staffing by 1 pm, so call before then. Extended Care drop-in is $16/day.

Extended Care questions? We have answers!

Call 817-337-4625 or connect with School Director Serin Stanford to add extended care!