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Many of our families have taken the time to share their experiences and opinions of St. Martin’s Episcopal School. Here are a few:

Heather Parker

My son Holden attended St. Martin’s from 18 months all the way through Transitional Kindergarten. We live in Roanoke, so there are definitely choices closer to home. However, I chose St. Martin’s and remained with St. Martin’s through his entire early childhood, and that extra drive time was beyond worth.

The teachers and staff create a warm, caring environment. The school is small enough that everyone knows who your child is, but still large enough that the kids have access to important learning resources available at bigger institutions. I am very impressed with the academics. Holden is a proficient reader, he can count to 100 multiple ways, is learning how to spell phonetically and do all sorts of things I never dreamed of at age 5. I am actually thinking he might be bored in public Kindergarten next year.

I am also passionate that this is a church school, and that they have chapel time. That is something very important to our family, and I’m thankful that St. Martin’s has helped provide that faithful foundation for our son.

Fiona Evans-Gross
St Martin’s has been such a wonderful experience for our daughter and ourselves! Our daughter loves coming to school. When I pick her up, she can’t wait to tell me all about what they learned in class! The director and entire staff provide a loving supportive environment where children thrive! Our daughter loves her teacher and is very well prepared for kindergarten. Our only regret is that we didn’t find out about your school sooner, but we’re so grateful that she was at least able to attend preK here!

Brian & Alex Howard
We have two daughters; 3 and 6. We enrolled our oldest daughter at St. Martin’s when she was 2 ½ and kept her in through pre-K. We loved the teachers, the curriculum, the other parents and the nurturing she got while there. We then moved, our oldest daughter started Kindergarten and we tried a place closer to our new home for our 3 year old. Within one month, we pulled her out of the new place and went back to St. Martin’s and have never looked back. They made some really positive changes with the curriculum, the offerings, the teachers, and the director. Our 6 year old daughter was ahead of many of her peers in reading due to the excellent education she got in pre-K at St. Martin’s. We absolutely love St. Martin’s and can’t wait for another school year. It is the best decision we made for our girls.

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Lauren Hollmann
St. Martin’s has been such a positive experience for our daughter and us! She loves going to school and I can see so many positive changes in her since she has attended. The staff is so caring and nurturing to all the students, it’s so amazing to see a group of women love your child the way you do. I cannot wait till our youngest is able to attend preschool here just like her sister! I can’t imagine taking my daughters to any other school in the area!
Jeremy & Lorren Dutcher
Before Hayden started at St. Martin-in-the-Fields Episcopal School she was very shy and did not talk much. We were actually a little worried that she was not talking as much as she should at her age (2). After only one week in school Hayden became a little chatter box! She was not shy at all anymore. She got very excited every time we told her it was time for school. She has made so many friends and loves all of the teachers. She is about to start her third year and is super excited to get back to school! We love the progress Hayden has made in her academic skills as well as her social skills. She is starting to read at 4 years old! She has really thrived thanks to St. Martin’s!
David & Jennifer Roberts
We are very pleased we chose St. Martin’s for our two girls, Charlotte and Emma, as although we have only been going for one year they have blossomed. Our oldest, Charlotte, has developed well and has enjoyed going to school every day with not one tear. Our youngest, Emma, simply loves her teacher and is always talking about her. We know that they are getting a very good early years education and that they are in a Christian environment receiving lots of attention and care. As parents, we wanted a school that our children were happy in and St. Martin’s achieves that and so much more. It’s difficult as a parent, and the staff know that, so they offer parent involvement but not in a pushy way which we really appreciate. We are new arrivals from England and already we have made some very good friends with other parents which we are thankful for. To sum up, our children are getting an excellent early years education and we are very pleased with the school.
Steph Smith
We decided to take our son out of Montessori school, so that he could have one more colorful and fun year in a Christian environment, before sending him off in to the public school system. It was the best decision we made, and St. Martin’s Episcopal School was the perfect school for us. The director and teachers were all so very loving and friendly to each child. It was clear to me the very first week we were there that each person working at the academy loved children and loved what they were doing. We are grateful to have found St. Martin-in-the-Fields Episcopal School.
Dave & Minnie Hoag
Our son David attended St. Martin’s for the last two years and was a student in the 3 and 4 year old program. David absolutely loved going to preschool at St. Martin’s. He loved both his teachers and became best friends with some of his classmates.

David developed and learned academic skills at St. Martin’s that will definitely help him get off to a great start in Kindergarten. Both his classes had great show and tell programs. The teachers at St. Martin’s developed his hand writing skills and to learn about numbers and letters. In fact, David is even counting to 100 in increments of 5 at the end his 4 year old program.

We also loved all of the special programs put on by the staff at St. Martin’s. We especially loved the Father’s Day program. The whole school put on a wonderful music program for the celebration and then each student gave their Dad a special present made with a lot of special love at St. Martin’s! In fact, David’s is on his father’s desk at work. (It’s a special paper weight rock that says “My Dad rocks!”)

On a personal note, we think of how special the time was for David at St. Martin’s on some evenings when He asks us to read a bedtime story from the book titled ” I knew You Could” that his teacher gave him at the end of his 4 year old program. The last page says it all, “There’s more about life that you’ll learn as you go, because figuring things out on your own helps you grow. Just trust in yourself, and you’ll climb every hill. Say, ” I think I can!” and you know what? You will! From the bottom of our hearts THANK YOU for being such special part of our son’s life!