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Top 5 reasons to choose transitional kindergarten at St. Martin’s Episcopal School


St. Martin’s Episcopal School’s transitional kindergarten is right for your child and your family, from our programs to our teachers, to the value we see in all people. Here are the top 5 reasons:

  1. We have a strong academic transitional kindergarten curriculum (read about it here).
  2. Our class sizes are small and focused on providing each child with a personal and individualized approach to their educational needs.
  3. We have an exceptionally-skilled teacher, Carolyn Zimmerman. With many years of experience in teaching, Ms. Zimmerman will help your child become a successful elementary school student.
  4. In the Episcopal tradition, we are fully inclusive, welcoming all children and their families to our school. We have a deep desire not only to educate, but to demonstrate and proclaim the unique worth and beauty of all human beings as creations of a loving God.
  5. We accept children who are not 5 years old by August 31, the cutoff date for Texas kindergarten enrollment; we accept kindergarten-age-eligible students who may benefit from a more personalized learning program; and we offer our transitional kindergarten for select younger developmentally-ready children. Our transitional kindergarten may be a great fit for your child!

We invite you to come and see what we are all about at St. Martin’s Episcopal School. Give us a call at 817-337-4625 or email us at We’d love to discuss your child’s needs and schedule an appointment to share our school with you!

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